Devotion Exhibition at the h Club Gallery, Covent Garden, London.

This May I exhibited 28 photographs from my Devotion project that I’d shot over the previous five years.  The images included scenes from Buddhist festivals in Tibet and ancient traditions in the Ethiopian highlands; pre-Islamic rituals celebrated by dervishes in the Zagros Mountains of Iranian Kurdistan and Sufi Zikrs of Chechnya; the cremation grounds and festivals of Varanasi and a pilgrammage to holy glaciers that mixes Catholic and Inca traditions in the Peruvian Andes.



The exhibiton was held at the h Club Gallery, Covent Garden, London and timed to run in conjunction with Photo London as a satellite event and the Private View as a Photo London VIP event.  The evening started with a Q and A that was hosted by Anstice Oakeshott of the Photographer’s Gallery that gave some context and narrative to the images.


My collaborator on the exhibition was the wonderful Ali Hillman, the Curator of the gallery…

“Few exhibitions canvas humanity with the scale and ambition inherent in Roche’s work. The expansive vision of the work is both evident in each image’s composition and the effort involved in accessing these diverse locations and cultures. In mounting this exhibition, the club recognises the effort and talent of an artist who has turned his lens to a breadth of sights and circumstances most people would otherwise never encounter. We are so proud to give this body of work a platform at our gallery.”  Ali Hillman.