Featured by the World Photography Organisation

Earlier this year I won a Sony World Photography Award for my image – Turning the Buddha.   I managed to borrow a black tie and make it to the London Hilton Park Lane in time to be presented with a full frame, mirrorless Sony a7ii.  Although usually a Nikon man, this is a great camera, fantastic in low-light and half the weight of my Nikon.

The WPO have interviewed me a couple of times and featured a couple of blogs on me and my work.

You can read ‘The Human Condition with Chris Rochehere

“I would describe my photography as an expression of my journey to understand certain aspects of the human condition – aspects that deeply move and inspire me and that I hope through my images move and inspire others…”


and ‘Turning of the Buddha’ here

“I consider myself a storyteller – a national characteristic of the Irish I think.  I’ve worked in the film industry for many years as a writer and director, but what I particularly love about photography is all that I need to do it is a camera and a subject…”